Newborns are done at their pace – I do give a 2 hour window for bubs to feed and resettle if a little out of sorts. I do find after 2 hours if unsettled the whole time, Bubs does really get pushed to the edge and the session can really start to unfold quickly.

Ideally bubs arrived asleep and full and we can whip through the session with no dramas- Today’s session was an absolute breeze, bubs arrived fully fed and had been awake for 40mins prior to arriving. She arrived with just a nappy so we didn’t have to unsettle her getting her clothes off. She was awake when she arrived which I then turn my normal routine backwards and will do family first instead of bubs first! She fell asleep being rocked my Mumma, whilst doing family pics and then smoothly transitioned into bubs solo photos staying asleep the whole time and posing like a little superstar. Here are some of the pics.

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