What To Wear Maternity Guide 
   Let your imagination run wild


What to Wear 

My First recommendation is to bring a nice black & Nude/white lingerie one that can go strapless or the straps can be taken down.

For clothing in studio maternity photo shoots it is recommended that the outfits be quite tight-fitting around the belly. Loose and baggy shirts or pants only hide the pregnant belly.

Nice jeans, tight-fitting tank tops/boob tubes and maternity tops that have thin fabrics that cling to the body are also great choices, maxis are always nice or robes!

No Stripes and busy patterns can hide the belly or detract attention. Instead, stick with solid colours, generally Black or white clothing works best in studio, a touch of floaral or lace never goes astray if thats the look your also would like.

Always bring more then you think you need!
We can go through your options once you’re in the studio.

If Partner is coming along to the shoot a nice pair jeans or shorts and a plain t-shirt works best.

If younger siblings are in the shoot keep their clothing selection very simple also, or if you wish to dress in their favourite shirt or dress and its heavily patterned try to bring a plain top/ tight fitted shirt that matches a colour in the pattern.