Backyard DIY Weddings Brisbane

This crew knew how to wed..... If only all weddings were so passionately full of tradition sentiment, love and the PARTY spirit. A year ago Ella contacted me to ask if i was interested in shooting there special day, not knowing where bowerville was, she sent me a drone video on the property, it was a immdiate "Hell Yeah" from me. Arriving at the property for the first time yesterday morning it didnt full short of the WOW , Absoultely stunning location bursting with sentimental and relaxed feels and a fiercely huge amount of love and fam vibes, right down to grandmas rose tree arbour she planted decades ago for her grandchildren to get married under, to the shoeez going down in the speeches. Congrats to Jackson and Ella, your day was so special, I hope i capterured all that lov

e and lush laughter in the atmosphere. Thanks for the Invite..... #brisbaneweddingphotographer #brisbanebackyardweddingideas

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